Wednesday, July 22, 2009

An American Castle

Who says that castles are only something to be found in Europe? Case in point, The Loveland Castle, also known as the Chateau LaRoche, located in Loveland, Ohio, just outside of Cincinnati. Getting there may be slightly easier than flying to Europe, though narrow roads through a hilly region make it only slightly so. Nevertheless, taking a trip to visit the Loveland Castle is definitely worth the time and effort.

Every second weekend in the summer, the castle hosts a Knights Tournament, and they also have other activities to do on the grounds once you get there. And they have a Haunted tour in the fall as well.

Located throughout the castle, you will find a fine collection of period swords and other weapons, as well as suits of armor that will take anyone who is fascinated with the age of kings and knights back in time.

The Loveland Castle was built by hand by Harry Andrews, essentially all by himself following his tour of duty during World War I. He had been declared dead during the war, for six months' time, during which time his fiance married someone else. Following the war, he stayed in Europe, visiting many different castles there. When he returned, he decided that he would build a castle for the youth, who he thought were getting into too much trouble and needed some place to go. It is a full-size keep, except for the ballroom, which is a 1/5 scale replica. Mr. Andrews kept working on the castle, and lived there until his death in 1981, at the age of 91.

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