Sunday, July 19, 2009

Being Human

On July 25, BBC America will begin airing the series Being Human. This is a series that deals with the day-to-day struggles of a vampire and a werewolf who decide to start off on a new life together and move into a home, only to find it haunted by a ghost. Given who and what they all are, they quickly realize that they need to depend on each other to cope.

Some information from the BBC America website:

*Vampires don't necessarily make humans into fellow vampires by simply biting them. Vampires must allow some of their own blood into the mouth of their dying victims to transform them into vampires.

*The "dead" human bodies are collected by the vampires.

*Vampires cannot have their images captured by mirrors or photographs.

*Vampires can venture out into daylight, but they are extremely sensitive to light.

*Vampires prefer blood from a living human body; stored blood from a donor does not create the same satisfaction.

*Vampires can be killed by a wooden stake to the heart, but the vampire can be saved if the stake is removed quickly enough.

*A fully transformed werewolf resembles an actual wolf, with fur and a wolf's nose and mouth.

*Werewolves have their transformations only one night a month, during a full moon.

*Werewolves don't remember anything that has happened after they have transformed.

*Werewolves often have strong sexual desire in the days prior to a transformation.

*For a human, the transformation itself is a painful process in which several vital organs begin to shut down.

*Werewolves cannot cross bodies of water.

*A ghost results when a person dies but has "unresolved issues" in the living world. When a ghost is ready to move on to the world of the dead, a door will appear out of nowhere, allowing passage to the nether world.

*Ghosts can sometimes be seen by the living. In Episode One, Annie is seen by a pizza delivery man. A ghost's visibility may be linked to his or her subconscious desire to hide from or be seen by other humans.

*Ghosts cannot ingest food or drink.

*Ghosts can "will" themselves to move instantaneously to other locations.

*Ghosts that are in emotional distress can become poltergeists, moving and throwing objects with their minds.