Friday, August 28, 2009

Kansas City Renaissance Festival

If you find yourself in Kansas City over the course of the next couple of months, maybe you will consider checking out the Kansas City renaissance festival, which begins over Labor Day weekend, and then runs through October 18. Like essentially all renaissance faires, the one in Kansas City features full combat jousting (three times a day), and vendors and entertainers galore. And on September 19 and 20, the renaissance festival will be featuring the Midwest Long Bow championship, so if you know how to shoot long bows, get their quick. You will need to qualify for the championship, but if you do so, you and four guests will be admitted to the festival free of charge that day. It seems like you would have nothing to lose. Other than an eye, but that could just be part of the renaissance era fun, don't you think?

Week one: Pirates adventure

Week two: Arm wrestling and juggling competitions

Week three: Tales for the sultan and longbow championship

Week four: Microbrew and home brew expo

Week five: Highland games

Week six: Pet weekend

Week seven: Halloween expo

The Kansas City Renaissance Festival is in its 30th year, so it is firmly established, with 500 customed characters. You will find 13 stages of entertainment--making it a fairly large renaissance faire, as well as 162 vendors hawking their wares

(Last photo actually from the Kansas City art musuem).