Friday, April 30, 2010

Hero Wanted

Hero Wanted
by Dan McGirt
Trove Books
204 pages
December 2009
A rollicking fantasy romp across the Eleven Kingdoms with reluctant hero Jason Cosmo and cynical wizard Mercury Boltblaster. Forced to flee his home in Lower Hicksnittle and pursued by bounty hunters, demons, and the sinister Dark Magic Society, Jason goes from the bright realm of The Gods to the depths of the Incredibly Dark Forest to learn the awful truth behind the price on his head.
I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this free book from Barnes & Noble, and it's relatively short at 204 pages.
With that small amount of pages, the characters, the plot, and the story is not overly involved. The plot so thin that the suspension of disbelief is even more of an issue with this story than it would be with most. However, that is the extent of the negativity that I can have with this book.
This was a fun, quick read that spoofs modern culture as well as fantasy adventure stories, and it is difficult to go even one page without laughing out loud at the absurdities that it presents. I have not had such a good time reading a story since.....well, never. I would list this book's comedic value in the ranks of Tom Holt, Robert Asprin, and Douglas Adams (probably Adams more so than the former two). This book has it all--the damsels in distress that then latch onto the hero longer than they need to who have their turn at miraculously saving the day to green luminous talking spiders.
If you like spoofs of popular culture and movies like Naked Gun, Airplane, Date Movie, Scary Movie, and the like, then you will probably like this book. If you want more substance and a story you can lose yourself in, this probably isn't a book you're going to like. I, however, look forward to reading more of the adventures of Jason Cosmo
However, I am giving this my top award for the simple fact that it kept my interest on every page and made me laugh more than I've laughed from any other book. Five out of five stars.