Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Comic Book: The Guild #2

The Guild #2
by Felecia Day
The prequel introduction to the web series The Guild continues in the second of this three-part series from Dark Horse comics, written by The Guild creator and star, Felecia Day.
The story that is being told in the comics is who the Knights of Good got to know each other and formed their guild before the first season--hence the whole prequel idea. In this issue, things continue to not be good for Cyd. She is trying to cope with the events in her life, particularly the fact that her boyfriend is taking all of her ideas for the band and presenting them as his ideas without giving her credit for them, all the while not letting her join the band. When she asks to join the band at one point, she is told that they are trying to keep the band small, and then the band goes out and finds another band member to fill in the position that Cyd had offered to do. So she turns once more to her new roleplaying game, where she runs into all the members of the still unformed guild, though Vork is already making references to the Knights of Good, and Cyd--in the guise of Codex for the game--is already suffering from the effects of retreating from real life into the online gaming world and that particular addiction. The last scene from issue 2 is a real shocker that I wouldn't have seen coming from a mile away if I hadn't thumbed through the issue quickly before actually sitting down to read it.
Overall, this is a good introduction to the webseries, which will see Season 4 coming to Xbox, Zune, and PCs this summer.
If you haven't seen this series, I would definitely recommend it. You can head over to where you can buy the first three seasons and other cool products to go along with it.